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Air Force Security Arrests Vehicle Using Reduced Risk Net Barrier

Air Force Security deployed Barrier1 System's Net Barrier when an intoxicated driver breached an access control point. Barrier1's Active Net deployed in 2 seconds before an SUV with a civilian driver impacted the barrier at approximately 40 MPH. Fortunately, the driver was not injured and walked away. The airbags did not deploy. Barrier1's Active Net Barrier "gives" and absorbs energy upon impact which prevented casualties and minimized damage. Security personnel commented that they were pleased that deployment of the barrier did not result in injury to the civilian driver. Security guards were not reluctant to deploy the net barrier, given its reduced risk stopping capability. Barrier1 System's net barrier remained in place, and the net was reused without damage. 


Airports select Barrier1’s Set & Pour Bollards

Airports in Wisconsin and Arizona selected Barrier1 System's Set & Pour Bollard for perimeter security protection. The Set & Pour Bollards have no restriction on spacing between bollards, which reduces the number of bollards and results in significant cost savings. Furthermore, the Set & Pour Bollards are prefabricated and delivered as 1 unit, and do not require rebar in the concrete foundation. Installation is quick and at a reduced cost. Simply excavate, set bollard, and pour concrete. The Set & Pour Bollards easily adapt to turns and grade changes without specialty requirements, which was key on these projects. Several Set & Pour Bollards were provided in a “removable” configuration. Excavations are closed up the same day which avoids pedestrian safety concerns and fencing off excavations overnight. Bollard finishes included hot dipped galvanized and 2 part epoxy paint coating. A variety of bollard cover options were provided including stainless steel, decorative shapes, various concrete cover shapes, thermoplastic covers, lighted covers, and others. Set & Pour Bollard models are available with an ASTM M30 (K4) crash test rating and an ASTM M50 (K12) crash rating.

DoD Facilities select Barrier1’s Reduced Risk Net Barriers at 11 Locations

DoD facilities in California selected Barrier1 Systems to provide 11 active Net Barriers with reduced risk vehicle arresting capability. Barrier1’s active Net Barrier deploys within 2 seconds from below the pavement, and has energy absorption systems that allow the net to “give” upon impact. Final Denial requirements include signs, signals, warning lights, alarms, controls and other devices that operate using a PLC. Unique capabilities resulting in the selection of Barrier1’s Net Barrier included:

  • Automatic and Immediate Reset of Net and Energy Absorption after a Vehicle Impact

  • No Replacement of Parts, Manpower, or Equipment is required to reset Barrier after typical Impact

  • Re-useable Net after an Impact. Net cables will not “kink or bend” which requires net replacement. Net cables are not impacted by water, salt on roadways, ice, or other weather.

  • Below pavement housing with stainless steel lid that lies flush with pavement across roadway. Net is protected and water infiltration is minimized. Lid minimizes debris and reduces maintenance.

  • UPS battery backup power that provides for 1+ weeks or 20+ cycles. Only minimal single phase power supply is required to operate Net Barriers.

  • ASTM Certification verifying bi-directional Net Barrier vehicle arresting. Barrier1’s net has been crash tested in both the inbound and outbound impact directions, and has obtained ASTM M50 P2 certifications from both impact directions. Barrier has a symmetrical or mirror image design.

  • Aesthetic non-rusting enclosures on each side of roadway provide a clean look. Enclosures have locking access doors and house all components which are accessible and located above ground

  • Concrete foundations have a small footprint, and Net Barrier is delivered pre-fabricated and pre-assembled. Installation is quick and minimizes traffic disruption.

Barrier1’s Net Barrier includes custom control panels and alarms that can be provided at multiple locations. The net clear span length is certified with an ASTM M50 P2 crash test rating up to an 80 foot clear span (5 lane roadway), while still deploying within 2 seconds.

Nuclear Plants select Manual Pre-Assembled Drop Arm Swing Barriers

Barrier1 System's has been selected to provide multiple crash rated drop arm swing barriers at 4 Nuclear Power Plants. The manual swing gates provide an ASTM M50 (K12) crash rating at a barrier arm clear span up to 34 feet. Only 1 person is required to operate the manual barriers, which requires less than 20 lbs. of lifting force. The barriers are surface set, and do NOT require excavations or concrete foundations. The barriers are prefabricated and pre-assembled when delivered, and are offloaded and set-up within an hour. Minimal maintenance with high reliability is provided. Barriers can be relocated without disassembly using a forklift.

Facilities in Middle East select Kit Based Vehicle Barriers (KBVB)

Facilities located in Iraq, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia selected Barrier1’s Kit Based Vehicle Barrier (KBVB) to provide access control at various locations. Barrier1’s KBVB was selected based on several unique capabilities:

  • KBVB pre-fabricated parts, fasteners, and connectors are shipped on 1 light weight pallet. The light weight pallet(s) can be air shipped for delivery in about 1 week.

  • KBVB components are attached to in-country concrete jersey barriers or blocks. KBVBs provide adjustments to fit various sizes of concrete blocks. Detailed step by step instructions with photos are provide, where components are connected to blocks in about 2 hours. Assembly tools are provided with kit.

  • KBVB has barrier arm that raises and lowers vertically, and also rotates horizontally. It is manually operated by 1 person from either side of the roadway.

  • KBVBs are surface set and do NOT require foundations. KBVBs can be relocated without disassembly using a forklift (unit provides forklift slots).

  • KBVB has been crash tested and certified with an ASTM M50 rating, where it will stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 50 MPH impact.

  • KBVBs require minimal maintenance and provides high reliability.


Barrier1’s Kit Based Vehicle Barrier (KBVB) is a proven product, shipped via Air or Sea, easily assembled or disassembled in-country, and barrier can be relocated without disassembly.

Federal Courthouse Selects Barrier1’s Shallow Foundation Bollards

Federal Courthouse in Florida selected Barrier1 Systems to provide its Shallow Foundation Bollards for perimeter security protection. Shallow Foundation Bollards have a concrete foundation depth of only 12 inches. Shallow Foundation Bollards can be space up to 54” on center, which reduces the number of bollards and costs. Shallow Foundation Bollards prefabricated delivered as 1 unit which is easy to install, and adapts to turns and grade changes without specialty requirements. Bollard finishes included hot dipped galvanized and 2 part epoxy paint coating. A variety of bollard cover options were provided including stainless steel, decorative shapes, various concrete cover shapes, thermoplastic covers, lighted covers, and others. Barrier1’s Shallow Foundation Bollard models are available with crash test ratings of ASTM M30 (K4), ASTM M40 (K8), and ASTM M50 (K12).

Barrier1’s Electric Drop Arms Protect Electrical Grid

Barrier1 Systems recently installed an Electric Drop Arm at an electrical substation to protect against vehicles driving onto the property and potentially causing harm to the power grid. 

Sunbury Station 2.jpg

Barrier1’s Crash Beams Prevent Vehicle Theft

Barrier1 Systems' Crash Beams have stopped auto theft on multiple occasions at Vehicle Storage Facilities. Specialized controls, alarms, and surveillance have also been provided. 

Crash Beam stops Theft